In the dynamic digital world it is necessary to constantly adjust, to look for ways to introduce new technological solutions. We have found a solution that will fully meet all current requirements, as well as create an excellent platform for the implementation of services in the future.

The ALMN project solves two very important issues:

  • - Provides the ability to rent VPS at the best prices;
  • - It is an example of a new level of cryptocurrency integration in the real world - payment for the service with ALMN coins.

ALMN is a vivid example of the founding of a working ecosystem that will evolve, connecting new services and adding new features. ALMN is the baseline that support provides stability and shaping the future of the industry.

If technology does not free people from the routine, so that they can pursue the higher goals of humanity, then all technical progress is meaningless.



“For small MasterNodes

  • CPU: 1 x vCPU 2,4GHz
  • RAM: 1Gb DDR3 ECC vRAM
  • HDD: 10Gb vHDD SSD
  • Connect: 10Mbps
  • IP: 1 x IPv4 & 1 x IPv6 (max 60 IPv4)
Purchase Plan



“For heavy coins like a Zen

  • CPU: 2 x vCPU 2,4GHz
  • RAM: 6Gb DDR3 ECC vRAM
  • HDD: 80Gb vHDD SSD
  • Connect: 10Mbps
  • IP: 1 x IPv4 & 1 x IPv6 (max 60 IPv4)
Purchase Plan



“For Windows lovers

  • CPU: 8 Core Intel Xeon
  • RAM: 8Gb ECC RAM
  • HDD: 120Gb SSD
  • Connect: 10Mbps
  • IP: 1 x IPv4 & 1 x IPv6 (max 60 IPv4)
Purchase Plan

We tried to make a demanded service and integrated it with the current technological solution. ALMN is the first project that will be the basis for further development. Coin ALMN is available to a wide range of users of the service - it can be mined or bought on the exchange. A convenient, certified control panel allows even an inexperienced user to quickly navigate and perform the necessary operations - pay for the VPS server rental, place an order - several typical server options are available, with the possibility of additional configuration when ordering. Service is being finalized and consistently gaining customer base. The works are carried out both in the direction of stabilization of processes on the side of the data center, and in the field of development of the ALMN coin.

We are forming a new generation of projects - projects with direct integration of cryptocurrencies into real business processes and services having a physical presence. This is not an easy way and we are grateful to our customers for their understanding and support. We will continue to develop the project and integration, many announcements are planned, and even if there are difficulties in promotion issues, we will do the best of what we can to get all best points at our sphere.



All technologies already have years of expertise and our solution only combines the best.


Creating a platform in which the coin can have a real use and be used to pay for the requested service, we form a platform for integration and the creation of an ecosystem in the future.


We extend technical support by automating most processes.


More than 90 masternods of ALMN in the network, the course of the coin is stable in the green zone, the number of rented VPS is steadily increasing daily.


We are experts in both areas - hosting service and cryptocurrency, deeply understanding the structure and algorithms of masternodes.


We understand the current state of the market and offer a profitable solution through the integration of technologies.